DFA design - pictures by Dietmar Frensemeyer - Subiaco, Fiuggi, Alatri / Italy - best pictures on the WEB
Subiaco monastery Subiaco chapel of San Francesco Subiaco entrance to the monastery Subiaco herb garden Subiaco Ingrid and Lopez Subiaco the lower church
Fiuggi water and wine at the restaurant "Torre"
Subiaco architecture Subiaco great architecture
Subiaco entrance to the monestary
Subiaco monestary in deep nature
Subiaco view form the herbs garden
Subiaco - view into the valley
Subiaco view to the city Subiaco - view in the valley Subiaco - lItalia VIVA Fiuggi - Palazzo con Restaurant Torre Fiuggi the former Liberty style Grand Hotel
Fiuggi Restaurant Torre
Alatri - without sun ... Alatri - over the roofs
Recommendation : Fiuggi, Ristorante "Torre" - nouvelle Italian cousine with very friendly service.
revised: 03 March 2003

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